Relaxing your mind, body and soul into a state of awareness.

Most people think stage shows, swinging pendulums, “look into my eyes” and then the trance state, in which they might do something embarrassing or something against their will. With hypnosis you are not a puppet, you do not give your power over to someone else, actually, it is the exact opposite.

Hypnosis is about being focused, relaxed, and in tune with yourself. Self-awareness opens up our subconscious mind to the power of accepting new thoughts and beliefs. In a calm state, you are able to focus on what’s important and to eliminate distracting worries or doubts.

As a HypnoBirthing mother, you will be relaxed, aware, in control and trusting. You will be able to converse, if you choose to, or remain silent. Either way, you will be calm and content as your body and your baby work together during birth. All that’s left is to celebrate the new life, the new being that you are preparing to meet.