Mind Over Matter
Eliminating fear to reduce pain

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.”
Japanese Proverb

Nature intended women to birth children. Our bodies are made to birth flawlessly, without hurt, pain, or suffering just like other mammals, including horses, dolphins, dogs, and gorillas. Unlike other mammals, however, our thoughts can get in the way of our bodies.

We are conditioned to believe that birth is going to be painful, terrible, and sometimes dangerous by doctors, friends, family and the media. It is this negative belief around birth that makes us afraid.

When fear is present the body’s natural response to birthing is inhibited – in a state of fear adrenaline is released and sends the message that you are in danger. The body’s natural response in this type of situation is “fight or flight” which results in the blood flowing away from the uterus as opposed to going towards the uterus. As a result, the baby doesn’t receive the oxygenated blood it needs during pregnancy, the cervix tightens (the exact opposite of dilation) causing more intense uterine surges, and the body will stall or stop laboring which cues doctor’s to intervene.

Eliminate fear and reduce pain. This is the main concept of HypnoBirthing and the class will prepare you to keep your mind and body relaxed in order to birth your baby as nature intended.