Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common queries about the class format

Who takes the class?

HypnoBirthing ® is a class for both mother and birthing companion.


When should the class be taken?

This class can be taken at any point during your pregnancy. The earlier the class is taken, the more opportunity the mother and birthing companion have to practice the techniques that are taught during the class.


How long is the class?

It is a twelve-hour course held in five, two and a half hour sessions.


What will we learn in the class?

  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm, and comfort.
  • Other techniques to produce a shorter, more comfortable birth.
  • The creation and control of the body's own natural anesthesia.
  • The source of the myth that pain must accompany normal birthing.
  • Why women in other cultures have births almost entirely free of discomfort.
  • How the mother's body is designed to work in neuro-muscular harmony with nature throughout the birthing process.
  • Practice in deep relaxation during and between uterine surges.
  • The importance of prenatal and perinatal bonding.

How will we learn? 

The class is taught in a comfortable and casual manner. The class includes but is not limited to discussion, watching videos of HypnoBirthing ® mothers and their companions, and relaxation exercises. It’s a great combination of learning and doing.

What materials do we receive?

  • The text, HypnoBirthing (R) The Mongan Method, by Marie F. Mongan, M.Ed., M.Hy.
  • A supplemental packet of handouts
  • A relaxation and self-hypnosis CD