Helping families as a licensed professional counselor

Before bringing our children into the world, we may have many questions, worries, or doubts. And after our children arrive, a whole new set of obstacles and stressors arise.

Counseling support can be provided to individuals, couples, or families during this transitional time.

I am committed to offering emotional and spiritual support, to indviduals who are open to growing and expanding, for the purpose of Living Their Best Life.

There is no limitation to the issues that can be addressed in counseling; parenting, self care, breaking through limiting belief systems, to name a few.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, intuitive energy healer and HypnoBirthing Certified Educator, I combine psychotherapeutic training with holistic aproaches to healing. 

If your family is feeling confused, stressed, or overwhelmed, therapy may be just what you need to heal.

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