From One Mother to Another

The Hypnobirthing Counselor's Mom Shares Her Experience 

Life is a collection of volumes of memories. I’ve been blessed with many beautiful memories and would like to share with you a highlighted memory in my life. I was honored to observe the miraculous HypnoBirthing experience of my second grandson, Leonardo.

Before sharing that brilliant memory, I’d like to share with you my own personal birthing experience when Leonardo’s Mom was born. Leonardo’s Mom was my first child and I had nine months of what I thought to be a normal pregnancy. After taking classes, I felt prepared for my birthing experience and waited for that glorious day. At 3 a.m. September 16, 1976, my water broke while sleeping. My husband and I had decided, after classes, that I would not go to the hospital immediately and would wait until contractions got closer.  At 6 a.m., my contractions were closer and after calling the doctor, he said I should go to the hospital. Upon arrival, I was immediately brought in as Hubby did the necessary paperwork. The nurses did their preliminary vital sign check, read my chart, helped me get into the hospital attire and told me that I would be going for an x-ray per doctor’s request.  Immediately I knew there was something wrong. Nowhere during my classes did I hear anything about x-rays upon arrival to the hospital. I met my husband in the elevator as I was being taken to x-rays.  After x-rays, I was brought back to my room and hooked up to monitors. With every contraction the baby’s heartbeat would get lower and my husband was asked to step outside and I was immediately positioned differently by the nurses. This continued until we requested to see the doctor. In a short while the doctor entered and explained to us that our baby was in a transverse position and with each contraction they had to reposition me so that she would not lose oxygen. He then said that he was going to let the anesthesiologist come in and give me an epidural and upon completion he would try to turn the baby. As soon as the epidural was inserted, the doctor called for an emergency c-section. I was being wheeled into the operating room and because it was a c-section, my husband was not allowed to come with me and share in the birth of our first child. This beautiful miracle had turned into a horrible experience and I faced it without my partner and quite unprepared and afraid of the unknown. I remember vividly as they took my child out of me, I felt like someone had flipped all of my inners, upside down. After a sigh from me, the doctor ordered the anesthesiologist to give me something in my IV and after that, I don’t remember anything.  What should have been a beautiful memory turned into a negative experience.

When I woke up hours later in the recovery room, I barely recalled that I did hear my baby cry and the doctor saying it was a girl, but I never saw her. I missed out on what was suppose to be one of my most glorious memories, the birth of my first child. Upon awaking my husband reassured me that our daughter was fine and beautiful. It was at that moment that the nurse realized I hadn’t seen my baby yet.  My first birth shattered my dreams of childbirth. Some time after the c-section, I found out that the doctor did know the baby was transverse throughout the nine months and never shared it with me. 

So now, what a gift for me to be invited to share in my second grandson’s birth. My daughter was a breath of fresh air to watch as she blossomed during her pregnancies. I watched her as she practiced her HypnoBirthing techniques.  She was so peaceful, relaxed, calm and so into her babies as they grew and bonded with them.

The birth of my first grandson was shared by Mom and Dad alone and I so understood that, for the births of your children are so personal and intimate. We waited patiently in the waiting area to hear of the birth. When we were escorted in, I was approached by a nurse that asked if I was the new Mom’s mother. I acknowledged that I was. She proceeded to say that “As a veteran nurse, I must tell you that for the first time in my career I saw the most beautiful birth ever.  Your daughter is quite a lady and amazing.” I was so proud. As we entered the room our daughter was eating fresh fruit, she was very alert and Sebastien was already feeding from her. My first thought was, did someone just give birth?

Therefore, you could understand that the invite for our second grandchild was such a privilege. During her nine months of pregnancy, I privately thought of my experience with childbirth, the comments made by the veteran nurse, and my daughter’s genuine enjoyment with pregnancy and the HypnoBirthing technique and her beautiful first birth. I was so happy that after so many years, I was going to see how the miracle of birth really was suppose to be.

Marie-Alana and baby, LeonardoThe time was here. Upon arriving at the birthing center we were greeted by the mid-wife.  My daughter was examined and then she sat with us as we all conversed.  When she felt ready, she went in the tub and relaxed and later relaxed on the bed. With each surge she simply stayed focused.  After the surge she spoke to baby, telling him how she couldn’t wait to meet him. I watched my grandson move his way down preparing to emerge and my daughter simply breathing her way through this amazing birthing experience. My daughter was calm and totally involved in this natural process never showing any discomfort or pain for as I watched her I knew she felt no discomfort or pain. With every surge she simply said "uuummm" very softly and as the surge subsided she spoke to her baby, continually telling him she couldn’t wait to meet him. I was so amazed and my feelings were of elated happiness right up to the moment that Leonardo came into this world. I never shed a tear, for the delivery was so natural, so painless, so beautiful and so real. My daughter smiled as she looked at her new son and I smiled as I looked at my amazing daughter, my strong and soft son-in-law who supported my daughter’s journey and my precious grandson.  Leonardo laid on my daughter’s chest as Dad cuddled close and they immediately were bonding. The beauty of their closeness, the alertness of Mom, the overflowing pride of Dad and the alertness and brilliance of baby was a priceless picture. I remember saying to myself, this is the way it really is and now I know.  How blessed I am that my daughter was able to give me what I missed many years ago. 

My wish to every new mother is that they could experience HypnoBirthing as they prepare to bring their precious bundles into this world. I’m an extremely proud mother that my daughter could make my wish for all expectant mothers come true. Thank you for letting me share a highlighted memory of my life with you.