HypnoBirthing according to parents and medical professionals.

Parent Testimonials

"When I first contacted Marie-Alana I had a lot of questions about HypnoBirthing. I was instantly impressed by how much time she spent on the phone with me, providing me with more information and discussing whether or not HypnoBirthing would be a good fit.  After speaking with her I was confident that working with her would be the right choice for us. The classes were really great and I can honestly say that both my husband and I benefited tremendously from them. We both feel that the program not only met our expectations but exceeded them.  The sessions covered much more then the HypnoBirthing technique---Marie-Alana provided us with a wealth of useful information about childbirth in general and she also shared valuable insight from her own HypnoBirthing experiences. The information she provided made us feel more prepared for our baby's birth. I am so excited for childbirth and for the opportunity to employ all of the HypnoBirthing techniques I've learned. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Marie-Alana for providing us with the tools and knowledge we needed to feel prepared to welcome our baby into the world."

~Lesley and Jason - Danbury, CT

"We learned so much from Marie-Alana and the HypnoBirthing classes. This is not only a method of birthing children, but also an outlook on life in general that empowers women, men, children, and society as a whole. In a culture where television, movies, and the media bombard couples with hysterical, violent, and unrealistic images of birth, we now realize that there is a peaceful and respectful way to bring our child into the world. Marie-Alana is not only a teacher, but also a healer. We feel privileged to have received her wisdom and guidance. We are confident and at peace and look forward to passing an imprint of love, peace, and comfort into our child's first moments of life."   

~ Melanie and Will - Bethel, CT

"After taking a Lamaze class, my husband and I decided to explore HypnoBirthing. We weren't quite sure what to expect because we didn't know much about HypnoBirthing. Marie-Alana's approach to HypnoBirthing helped us to learn what HypnoBirthing entailed. It is so family focused and has empowered us to be better advocates for ourselves and our baby. Taking the classes allowed my husband and I to learn so much about pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and relaxation. It not only changed our views on childbirth and labor, but it helped us to change views on how to approach parenting. Marie-Alana helped my husband and I become closer for the birthing of our child and also helped us to learn more about one another's parenting views."

 ~ Victoria and Daniel - Westchester County

"My husband and I were determined to have a natural birth and although we had not read about HypnoBirthing before meeting with Marie-Alana, soon it became clear to us, that it represented the approach and mindset we wanted for the birth of our first child. The sessions we had with Marie-Alana in our home were rewarding, informative, and above all gave us the tools to embark on this journey with confidence and a sense of calm that we were looking for. Marie-Alana is a great listener, repsectful, and knowledgeable, offering not only guidance but also answers and a common sense persepctive on what was awaiting us.

The birth of our son Theo was a beautiful experience. Without drugs, Daniel and I welcomed him into the world in four and a half hours, knowing that HypnoBirthing had been the right choice and Marie-Alana the best instructor we could have wished for."

~Maria, Daniel, and Theo - Cambridge, MA

"Jerami and I knew we wanted a class to help us feel relaxed and prepared for our baby's birth. After some research, we decided to take private HypnoBirthing classes with Marie-Alana. Initially I intended to use the HypnoBirthing techniques and also get an epidural, but after we finished the sessions, Jerami and I had changed our minds.

Marie-Alana welcomed any and all questions - and we certainly took advantage of that! She invited us to challenge her on any concerns we had on the HypnoBirthing technique. By the end of the sessions, we had the confidence that we could have the relaxing, peaceful birth that we wanted.

Marie-Alana is open-minded, knowledgeable, and very informed. Her relaxed personality made us so comfrotable and confident that we feel fully prepared and excited for our birth at the end of the month."

~Christie and Jerami - West Hartford, CT 

Medical Testimonials

“This is the way all babies should come into the world.  It’s beautiful.  Keep up the good work.”

“I’m a labor and delivery nurse.  I work in the field of obstetrics every day.  I can hardly believe my eyes as I watch HypnoBirthingÒ mothers in labor.  It’s amazing!”

“Several of my patients have used HypnoBirthingÒ.  The result: little or no medication and yet, a calm and more comfortable mother.”

“I’ve been delivering babies for twenty years, and I’ve never seen anything like this method.  It’s incredible.”